Thursday, January 1, 2009

Begin again - Change - Breathe

When all else fails I fall back to Breathe! I take a breath, filling my lungs and slowly allow all that is pent up to Exhale itself with my breath.
Breath - the first calling we have to the Divine and our true names, each breath we take a renaming of self till that last moment of our exhalation were the last spoken word of our life is a song and calling to a Divine Creator.
Like in a meditation practice the idea to begin again, when we find that our mind is wandering. A New Year, 2009 - it is an opportunity to begin again, look at what doesn't work in our life. Perhaps that fact that we are rushing head long toward tomorrow without thought of today, this moment this BREATH. We are all so busy thinking-doing; (I don't believe we feel) multitasking; that we no longer give ourselves the time to fully notice our BEING-Ness. Life is a practice. None of us are "perfect" - what ever that is supposed to mean, yet we are all perfectly imperfect.
Practice Breathing - What? We all know how to breathe, yet I wonder do we? I know that I for one needed to learn to take a breath, deeply inviting myself to really take in the Divine nature that was offered to me in a Breath.
And where is all this going or more likely coming too? For me I am realizing that I do not desire to make yet again the same sort of Resolutions that I have made in the past - it's this what we do on the first day of the new year?
I want to Practice Being and Becoming a Better Person. Is losing 10 or more pounds going to make that happen, no! Will getting my finances in order make me a better person - I will admit that it may help me in the world a bit to have a clearer understanding of them - yet make me a better person - Not!
When I invite and allow myself to make a Re-solution to Practice Being and Becoming - well, now there is something I can follow through on, travel the year inside of -A Practice. Perhaps, I will also invite myself to a Practice of Breathing, taking the time to breathe, listen and wait for the sound of another's voice to settle before I speak. Taking yet another breath when I find myself in that state of Overwhelm, - whelm- an Old English word meaning to cover with water, hmm, symbolism- water - emotions- to be completely at the mercy of my emotions? Take a Breath - allowing, inviting my self to come home again to a grounded nature.
Taking a Breath, taking a moment to Breathe. Inhaltion - filling one'self with all the wonder of life. Exhalation - sending out to the world that which we no longer need to be recycled into usable energy by the world around us. No hording of energy. There is enough for us all.
How about Resolving to be Kinder? To smile at least once a day? To say Hello to someone we walk by, wheather or not we know them or not. Walking in the world for a little bit each day. What about these kinds of Resolutions?
Yes, life is a practice. Each day we wake, we have an opportunity to Practice at Being Human. Come walk with me as I spend this year learning to Practice a little more of what I believe it means to be a Person. To walk on our Mother Earth doing no harm. Come walk with me, play with me, breathe with me, practice Life.

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  1. Even when I was a child you offered up this wisdom of breathing, and I am grateful for this. I have tried to pass it along to others also. Sometimes they understand me, sometimes they don't, usually those are the ones who need it the most.
    Looking forward to what this year has to offer both of us going into the half way marks of this decade, bringing us closer to one another.