Thursday, January 8, 2009

They say it's you're Birthday! Elvis- Who?

Happy Birthday child o' mine! I am struck by how lucky I am! Having the opportunity to say I'm TG's mom! What an amazing gift. I can still these many years later call up the events just before your birth. Your birth! Not yet 20- what was I thinking? There you were all wrinkly and old looking - your moment of ugliness- and never have you gone back. You said, "well, there that's done on to my Beautiful self". I look at you and I am always, always in AWE!

What a gift you have been in my life! Oh, I'm not going to say there haven't been times that it wasn't difficult; yet through it all - I hold close to me the first time you said I love you. The day GranMa Trudy gave me grief, (first tattoo) and you stroked my back saying - "It's sooo beautiful" as though it was a rare work of art. Times we've argued, laughed and cried. Oh, my sweet I have so many moments held close, held dear! Do You know? I sometimes don't have the words I need to wrap you in my Love. It feels way to big for words- my hands wrap around you and I hold you, even now, in my minds eye. The miles mean nothing. I can only hope that you know how loved you are!

I am indeed Privileged to say "Why,Yes - I'm McWirzy's Mom."

Thank you for the years of Love. Thank you for picking me as your Mom.

Happy Birthday, My Love!
Oh, yes and a Happy Birthday to Elvis Presley -as well - who's fame came as a result of his Mom's birthday, because he wanted to give her a gift and made a recording. The rest as they say is his-story.

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  1. How lucky you both are to share such a special bond. It is very unique and special.