Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I’ve been reading a book on punctuation; Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss and it seems the thing we Americans can a ‘period’ the British call a ‘full- stop’.

What has me going around this phrasing is that at the moment we are headed into Autumn. A time of equal day and night; almost like the Earth stops moving in it’s orbit; so that day and night can dance together a bit. More dawnish or sunsettingish time; those odd in between times. Sun is raising, Moon still hasn’t really set; or the opposite of; the Moon is clearly on the rise as the Sun is just setting; the Chariot ride across the sky a little off timing wise. The period/full-stop, have also to do with time, as in stop, it is now the end of the sentence, take a breathe, that’s it, begin anew.

The changing of the seasons have that effect as well, some more then others. Such as Summer into Autumn, Winter into Spring. Both of these shifts have that equal day and night sort of thing going on, plus there is a rather drastic way in which they happen. As we are presently in that summer to autumn shift; (leaving the other for another whole blog). I would like to purpose that our bodies, need, want, down right crave that Stop. The Breathing space, the time for pause. We go all summer, busy bee doing. As, the autumnal season arrives we are ready for a break. This year for me I am noticing that there is also an agitation that seems to go with this shift, of not quite knowing how to BE.

We forget, sometimes; unless we are farmers, to notice what we have harvested Spring to Fall. What dreams and plans did we lay in the fields to dream, hibernate and prepare for blooming in the Spring? How many did we follow through with to bring to the Harvest to share with those around us? What intentions did we set for the dreaming season? Or as one of my mentors says, “What kind of Corn are we growing”. Is it, was it something worth sharing?

As we begin this Season of going inward, I would like to invite us to make our Intentions clear. We all have things, places in which we can bring the light of our true nature to it’s Awakening. What places within ourselves might we also shed, like the leaves of a tree, leaving our self bare, un- encumbered; ready to dream our self into a new becoming.

Blessings to you fellow travelers, as we head inward to do more of Being, instead of Doing. It is good to be in the world with You. I am most grateful. Happy Autumn!

photo taken by me at the Farmer's Market in Deering Oaks
I would also like to apologize to Ms Truss, in the event that it appears that I have learned nothing about punctuation. It is through no fault of the teacher.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank you

I wish to Thank you all for your love, your kindnesses, for the very fact that you ARE!
I pray each day for Peace to cover us all in her arms flung wide.
I pray that nobody need go hungry, tho I am not so blind as to know this is not so. I pray some day that it will be past.
I pray that we can take in those events in our lives that have formed us and be Thank full for the gifts of learning.
I am blessed in my friends, my loves, my clients. I am ever Thank full for waking each day!
I wish for you all that may be in your Highest good.
Great Mother -Great Creator, I ask that you watch over your children and guide us toward our clear path. Thank you for your love.
May we find things to be Thank full for each day of our lives, large and small. Sweet and simple as a child's smile.
I wish you a very Blessed Day!

Many Blessings,

Silence of the heart is necessary so you can hear God everywhere -- in the
closing of the door, in the person who needs you, in the birds that sing, in
the flowers, in the animals.
-- Mother Teresa

this piece was written in 2004 - no less the truth of it!
Photo taken in Lori and Bob's yard.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Some days, the possibilities seem to roll in and right on over; at least for me. There seems to come an opening that happens when we shift our thinking to take in a new thought or a new project. I am finding that I need time to sit quiet –not so much talking about – to really stew, percolate, marinate in the info being presented.

Like any good creation – what then needs to be added or taken away? What item will make the whole thing come together. A feast for the soul? Do we allow ourselves this kind of time?

I am finding that there are a lot of area of our lives in which we push time, we want the answer right now. SO…right now; that we miss the ‘watermelon seeds’ laying about. We leave out some important item, the things I call the givens. Well, I am finding that my givens are not necessarily someone else’s. Sometimes it is a gift not to know all the rules of a thing- it allows for more movement, more risk taking. I have found this to be true in a few areas of my life.

My invitation is to allow time to work – to give space to the process, no matter what process it is. Be it love, the throes of grief, a decision that you are pondering. Have you listened inward, felt how the new place feels as it rolls around inside. Was there ample time to taste of the bits and pieces?

Now to go back to the quiet and the pondering.
Blessings to all.

my feet in Puerto Rico - Steps Beach 09

Monday, September 7, 2009


The world is brought back from the brink of destruction-
Every time YOU smile.

From a bulletin board in Rincon, PR

How is it that we lose sight of belonging? That we find ourselves disconnected from the greater whole of the world? We can make up all kinds of reasons, some of the least of them religion, language, the way we might look through the eyes of another.

What if we could invite ourselves to the notion that as Beings living on the Planet Earth, we are indeed connected by the fact that we each feel the vibration of each other under our feet. Have you ever laid on the ground or the floor and felt the rumble of another’s foot steps as they walked toward or away from you?

Recently, I was gifted an opportunity to lay on the sand and at the ocean of Puerto Rico I watched as the tides came in and out, floating in the warmth of the water, feeling small. Thinking at one point about the fact that I was in a weather pattern that was part of a tropical storm; now the reason this is an important fact is that during this time of year, we in Maine are lucky if the water reaches 63 degrees. Here I was laying in water that would be pushed by the storm up, around the coast of Puerto Rico and on up the eastern sea front to the beaches I call home. With that would be the essence of me, carried home. My friends still brave enough to get into the ocean, would have a change to feel the whisper of me and the warmth of the water I was swimming in!! The ripple of Humanness in the Ocean, not only could they feel me, I too had a change to feel them, knowing that this Ocean I was in has traveled round and round, top to bottom. How long must that journey take?

I was also in a country that the native tongue was not English, but Spanish. How far a Smile, Ola, Gracis or a simple nod of my head could take me. We are indeed of the same family, we all wish to be acknowledged; by noticing another we ourselves are given Form.

I suggest a world wide “Wednesday Wave as you Walk Day”. Or a Smile a Day, keeps us connected to the ripple of life. For our smile, moves from our face to the next face which causes another smile and it continues to move like a tide. Smile at someone you don’t know ~ Make your Day a better day.

Blessings to those that laugh, smile, sing, cry and share the treasure of their Human – Beingness! I am Blessed by Being given form in the noticing of others. Thank you, friends!

photo taken on the beach in Puerto Rico or is it Maine?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little Lessons

Little lessons learned. Each day brings it’s own challenges, struggles and joys. What is it that we take away from those moments? It all depends on how we choose to take them on. Are we going to buy all that is laid out before us? Take it home even though we can clearly see that it doesn’t fit?

Little lessons learned. Some come round on a return; perhaps something you knew; thought you’d walk that old way again, see if the outcome would be different. Shocked, I tell you. Shocked, when it gives us the same answer or knowing that we all ready have deep set in our bones.

Little lessons learned, perhaps in truth they are little treasures offered. Opportunities to look at the way we ‘react’. We allow a certain amount of complacency to enter our Being, then wonder as it all backs up to and end that is not what we were thinking or planning. We forget that it is not all about ME. That sometimes we are doing our best; when we find ourselves caught in others mood of being. I feel that what is important at those moments is that we see ourselves outside of who we are striving to become. That we invite the opportunity to gift us little gems of wisdom. Life is a practice.

To find compassion for our self, to know that it is not our place to point out to an other how it is they could be doing it better. We can only offer up our Being and walking our talk, wearing our own growth. This will in turn show someone not near as ‘enlightened’ as WE are how they might find a different footing. I found it is also not my job to point it out, try to force change; what is my job is that I take to heart my personal learning and grow. That I may leave a path of gems, worth stopping to pick up, hold, looking at what it may offer and then continue to be in the moment that is now in front of me.

It is my job to be attentive to how I could act in right relations with the world around me. This is as I see it our most important job of BEING. See if perhaps for today, we can allow each person we come in contact with to be right were they are, for in fact it is right were they are and need to be on their personal walk.. Invite the ripple that comes from you to be one of compassion for ALL, yourself included.

Little lessons learned, what a treasure! Feel the gratitude for these precious moments. I live in abundance. I am blessed.

Not sure who took the picture at Chris and Jan's
Hands belong to Debbie G. and myself.