Monday, January 5, 2009

Monster's Under the Tree?

Monster's under my bed - well, not at the moment - the dust bunnies have yet to become large or fluffy enough.
I did something Friday eve that seems to have changed the lives of a beloved murder of Crow. You see during the Winter, they roost in large numbers and as far as I can tell they seem to hang in the same place through out the Winter. It changes each winter so it requires that you look for them. I was thrilled when I had found my second murder. Right off 295 headed South on Forest Avenue. I thought I'd get their picture - wrong! First they flew up from the trees - like in the Birds, a Albert Hitchcock film. Hundreds of them; from four different trees flew into the air - picture was pretty black. Sad face - let's try it 4 more times - that's right 4 separate flashes, with Crow flying and caw - caw- cawing at 9pm. A Monster! A hugh light flashing -blinding Monster. They don't fly at night so how much sleep did they get? How safe could they have felt? I was worse then a Owl.

I've gone by there everyday since then - gone. Three night's now. No luck. Dear Crow - where have you flown too? Do you feel safer? I am sorry - Obviously I was thinking only of the great Picture it would make - well, not with my digital or a flash.

If perhaps you see my Deering Oaks Murder of Crow - please let them know The Monster is gone. There's no Monster under the tree! Please come home to roost! I miss you, Crow.
photo curtesy The Fabulous T. Griffin

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