Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Listen to the Snow

Did you hear it this morning? Not when it turned to hailish snow, the early quite snow around four-ish AM? The way it covered the city, turned it all white and clean again. Did you hear it - the softness to the morning sounds; the sound of snow falling.
There's a softness that comes to the people on the street as well, this new falling snow. Their voices not near as loud as they walk past my window. Words kinder. A hush - an intake of breath, a deep exhalation. Now, can you here it?
The sound of a warm blanket laid upon the earth. The deep dreaming? It's January and we still have about 73 days of winter to go. Think of the dreams we have time to sleep into, live within. The deep dreaming - bones of our being, these winter dreams that take us deep inside our core, into the deep core of Mother Earth.
Nature gives us this time - the quite Winter. This time to sink in, hibernate -sleep. Dream time to take us into Spring. We need this time, this dreaming deep place. Yet, I find we run from this place of being. I want to invite us to this Deep Still Quite - the Winter Dream, come dream and listen to the snow falling.
Listen to the Snow, listen to it falling. listen to the hush..........
Dream well, my friends.

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