Saturday, January 10, 2009

Words, whispers on wind

"For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning."
~ T.S. Elliot, excerpted from "Little Gidding"

The words we use- what are we trying to say? More what is it I wish to say. I am remained also of the kid's taunt "sticks and stones may break my bones; but words will never hurt me". Some of us know this isn't true! Words hurt, words end up stuck to us like glue. Labels that create in their own way a Story, one we begin to believe - when it is said often enough. Words have a way of leaving scars that lie unseen, under the surface of our skins, hidden embodied. Waiting, lurking to jump out and grab us when we are not vigilant.

Not all words hurt, some words help us learn to live into ourselves. Leave us with a sense of 'MEness'. Guide us down some other way of living, one in which we are invited to become...
Becoming US, the fire of our core deep, is brought to shine- to burn. Sometimes the light is so small that only a few may even begin to sense and see that it is still there- waiting. Or we see the scars, that hide and cover; do we stay, hold, love or run for cover.

I invite us to the words of the past, that hurt and scared, they are part of a story that we can change, is the story ours? Does it belong to our family, a secret hanging in a long forgotten closet? Moth eaten, ragged, ready to be thrown out? Might we be ready? Not always, yet the moment will come. I am fond of saying - NOBODY escapes therapy, whether it is something we do with friends, a group, a therapist -doesn't matter. In times past before our friend Sigmund, we might have called it reflection; (yes, some still do). It requires time to feel, look and see what thing eats at our soul, keeps us from feeling that we are connected to the Divine. It takes an honesty of being - hey, I'm not saying that I am "always, always" in that place.

I believe we all have a built in Labyrinth, that we have to traverse to find items that we have placed within. Our very survival and ability to BE, requires that we keep some part of ourselves for us alone. A nugget of I, ME, Soul. To balance ourselves against outside forces.

I wish to invite us to look at our words, how we use them, the stories we tell, might we be able to say things a different way? Clearer with a resonance that we feel inside as we speak. Can we invite ourselves to listen and take in a compliment, not poop pooping it away. Or having to return a compliment, in the wise child wisdom of Miss T - "Just say Thank you." A lesson that I am still learning some 40 years later. We live in rapidly changing times, I believe we, (myself), need to use some drastic measures. Listen, really listen, then after the last note of the words spoken leaves the air- give yourself a moment to respond.

The scaring words sadly will continue to be spoken, the stories will run in cycles, you and I will still fall down. Perhaps a friend will stop and pick us up. Some may find it difficult yet to allow someone in, that is yesterday door. Please - let the whisper of words you hear in your breathe, alive, live, invite you to crack the door a bit. Invite in the deep dreaming time, the reflection, slow the time you live in down. Invite yourself to a new language.

I want to be a Kinder person, with small strips of unkindness - not meanness mind you. Each of us is Unique - perfectly - imperfect. We can change our old no longer fitting story. I invite us to that Life, that change in us, a growth. Never are we too old or young to grow.
Let the word games begin!

Thank you, C.T. for those words by T.S.Elliot.

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