Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Call to in limbs

I want arms to wrap around me, stave off the cold. Arms that hold and cuddle small children and adults alike. Arms meant to lift and carry - arms covered in tattoos. Arms that pull on the lines of a boat - looking sexy at their work. Arms that are gracefully part and parcel of a human body.

When did arms become guns or even adjustable rate mortgages?

Why is it that we as humankind take words that mean one thing, then turn their useage into something that has nothing to do with it's original as we know - knew it?

arm 1. In anatomy, the upper extremity from shoulder to elbow. 2. In popular usage, the entire upper extremity from shoulder to hand.
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

I want to understand why arms that were meant for working, loving, acts of comfort and kindness, became something else. It's not like I don't know that arms and hands can and are used for hurting and killing. I can even understand that part of it all.

Yet what bothers me is that the first reference I found for arms had to do with guns. Some large organization that dealt in guns and weapons. Further down the 'goggle' page came adjustable rate mortgage. At the very bottom of page 1 of 10 or so had.... a little side note as in arms workouts - which in turn took me to workouts for KILLER ARMS.

Why no workouts for arms - how to hold an infant? wrapping your arms around a loved one? How to use your arms effectively (because we all know we can't/don't want to be ineffective), to carry in logs for the fire, carry in the groceries, hang laundry, or even push a cart down a street. How to use your snow blower without causing injury, to your fabulous loving arms. (That is why you're out there snow blowing isn't it? So your loved ones can get to their car without stepping in snow 2 feet deep. Right!) There are lots of things I could think of for arms besides guns and mortgages.

Yes, if you know me or continue to follow MY brain you will discover that I am indeed a HOPEFUL romantic. Forget that hopeless - crap! That is not for me. I want to hold with my arms held to my heart -that in fact most of the of Humankind is loving, caring and kind. That we will go out of our way to help another when we can. That our ARMS are meant for kinder things.

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  1. I love the way your mind works. And having been with you as you worked through this I realize as a society how far we have been lead astray from the essential, the real. Maybe the assumption is that everyone knows what an arm is - but there is more to it than that. We have lost our ability to take notice and pleasure in the simple things. I am reminded of the story of the famous violinist who played on the streets of NYC and the only ones remotely interested were the cbildren.