Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday with Maurice

It's a Saturday afternoon -9 months after my friend, Maurice talked me into creating a web-site. So here we are doing it and fixing all the silly little places that need my picture like those wall accounts that everyone who thinks they want to know you; can find you from someone elses account or even just your own. Or how about the thought that my brain seems to be working overtime about all kinds of different things and I think "ya all" might just want to hear and read what is going on in my Human existence. A place to share some of my writings as in the form of poems, blessings, essays.
The question being are you ready? Or perhaps more importantly am I ready? Do I really have enough to say that is worth the time to read? Well, I invite us all to find out together.
Here we go to Save NOW - but "don't push send"


  1. Five hours later we finally get the DNS transferred and I'm TRYING to get Rosemary to decide on pictures she wants to use...we are making progress!!