Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going, Going, G O N E

Prompt: “Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?” Alice Bradley

Oh, how I dislike that phrase. Let Go. It’s not like the items that we need to “let go” of are a suitcase that we can drop on the side of the road ~ some very, very deserted road! Some of those events have been things that have helped to form the person, I am today. For the most part ~ I love ME!

Let Go ~ of that person, that relationship? As a verb meaning: to abandon, forsake, leave, quit, relinquish ~ ICKS! Even when a person or relationship in my life is difficult I find it hard to forsake it ~ what part of me becomes lost to myself if I can turn completely away from someone? How do I then become extinct, gone for good?

Yes, indeed there are also friendships that this past year no longer serve me on a regular, day to day. I find more that I surrender into the fact that we are no longer a good match. I still hold them and YOU in my heart. I am here if you need me! CALL. I will not abandon you, but I will also not put myself in the path of mine or your destructive ways. In the past I have made choices that walked completely away from folks ~ somehow I found and still find it in my heart to be concerned in a more global sense.

Now what about stuff ~ Stuff in general ~ not anything in particular ~ I am an Artist and therefore keep hanging around all kinds of ‘items’ that others might choose to throw away. In has stepped The Great Purgapalouza Act of 2010. I have been going through clothing; seems I really am fairly conservative in my dressing; if you get rid of the scarves – NOT. Yet there have been items lurking for a couple seasons that I no longer wear, due to fit or it’s just not me. Papers in files~ these are my worst nightmare, articles that I believe I “should” save for future use, heck I never look at them again and only once in a while do I say to a client – oh, read this. Magazines with pictures that I might use for a collage ~ who am I kidding I don’t do collage!! I have friends that do, enjoy their work so I think, perhaps a Vision Board? Sorry, it’s not happening so ~ heck pack them up and out the door! OH, Wait! Here is something I have “Let Go”, subscriptions to monthly magazines, if I notice an article I really feel I’ll read then I pick it up – otherwise, how many subscription do you have coming on a regular basis that you don’t even look at, or put in the bathroom? My bathroom is much too small for a rack of magazines!

Yup ~ stuff! I am grateful for The Great Purgapalouza Act of 2010. It gives me pause, when ever I think to buy an item. How will it work or add to my overall life experience? Do I need it? Sometimes, yes even to that extra pair of sneaks (buy a pair off a pair, still 6 pairs) or another pair of ‘Mary Janes’ or any red shoe! I stand on my feet, I love my feet – they need good shoes.

Yet overall, I have radically cut down on purchases of stuff ~ Hmmm …LET GO OF STUFF… Going, going GONE. I see a t-shirt on Zazzle!

I am Grateful that I am loved for me, with or without the extra ‘Stuff’.
And to all a good night!

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  1. The core of who you are is such a bright shiny thing... while I sympathize with the challenges of shedding the "baggage" (emotional, physical, actual) once you find you've left it curbside I look forward to your inner light shining that much brighter when not dulled by all that other schtuff.