Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Process on Reflection

I am taking part in a project called #reverb10 – which has become an annual event. An online initiative encouraging participants to reflect on this year, with and eye toward what’s next. “We’re connected by the belief that sharing our stories has the power to change us. We look forward to reading yours.” (This line straight from their site.)

It is most helpful if when one writes they don’t leave it in draft – sort of difficult to read and comment upon. During the month as I sat with the reflection process through out the day I found I didn’t get back to writing the response to the given prompt. .I kept thinking well, I’ll take some time and catch up on my writing – turn the drafts into full out responses. Yet, here it is nearly the end ~ I came to realize ~ I didn’t need to catch up. The whole process was to be a reflection, a sharing – and who wants to read 5 days worth of musings in one sitting? Not I said this Crow – I did read a lot of the others, lots of folks jumped in, to look back at their year, looking at both happy, sad, joyous, difficult times. TO reflect on what was gleaned. What was transmitted not only at the time, but in the sitting with and looking back, to look toward what was desired for the coming year. How do events change when the memory between the happening and the looking back, is within the year? When our growth and the looking inward creates a whole different outlook, or response then was felt at the time?. In the short version of Rilke – May you some day live into the question of the answer you have lived..

What doors were open, what new friends have I made through this community of sharing? What opportunities did I open for myself in the act of this responding to others questions, about my year? There were great questions! Leaving me much still to maul over. Things I learned and noticed about myself that I’d before not known. When this rolls around again, I think I’ll follow another person’s suggestion for themselves of responding in 15 minutes. I can see now where that is useful.

I am an early morning, sometimes late night writer. I am a writer, that is not disciplined in her practice ~ this is something I will work to change in the coming year. I have books to write and publish. Plus, as my grand-daughter once said to me ~ “I have friends.” You have supported me in my writing, my Life, my friendships and growth. No letting you down so fast or easy, it’s not my way.
Thank you for listening and reading and comments made. I think I will make the time to finish out the days, perhaps I’ll use some of the prompts in the new year ~ and yes there will most likely be a few “catch ups”.

In love and gratitude….Me

photo~ taken at Cornerbrook

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