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Day 4 Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? @JeffreyDavis108

Funny how when I read the prompt ~ I find myself first with a quick slap down! Those of you who know me well, know that sometimes it takes me a day or two to process something we might have talked about. To sit with, listen to the quiet of what was said, or wasn’t. The same is true here ~ I must sit with the prompt ~ I found myself in Awe and Wonder when someone else I know in a virtual way wrote that they were attempting to respond in 15 minutes ~ WOW! I am Awed ~ they are heart felt and wonderful to read ~ Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally ~ stop by and check it out. I need more time,I'm still processing- like a computer with dial up, google looking for more then the slap-down. The truth in the essence of the slap down.

I grew up in a house with 4 other siblings, two parents, one of which, (they took random turns), at any given time wasn’t really present ~ I learned to listen between what was or was not said. I assumed that my sibs did the same; as we’ve grown into adults now without the buffer of our parents, leaves it difficult for me to Speak ~ To feel they can Hear me. This is a tricky business, let me tell you! Back to Wonder ~

Wonder ~ my cultivation of this amazing state of Grace, runs deep in my veins, touching the roots of my soul; it has been and IS my glue. Yet, with the purgapalouza pruning, that came as a storm this year; I have needed to reach deep into my fire pit, for the spark of Wonder. To invite myself to be curious, to RE-member that I am Stardust! That which dreams are made of, finding the Light reflecting, off of it’s long distant death. Like an Astronomer, I have had to look daily, into the telescope of myself, choosing to make it part of my day. Tending to the Star-ness, watching, looking, listening, marking it’s presence ~like a comet. It has been a choice; really a matter of life and death; to step outside myself ~ to step firmly into ME ~ to fan the flame that is my saving Grace. To open my eyes, to look deeper, listening closer, heart vulnerable, touching into places I thought long ago healed ~

I choose to live in Wonder, Awestruck, Overwhelmed with the Beauty of Life. I will continue to weed and prune, remove what strangles me, keeping me from myself as well as those that see deeper into the reflection of US. Who I wonder do you See, when you look at me? Who is it that I don’t know?

photo again from my stay at Cornerbrook, October 2010
ps Am hoping my 'Editor' will understand that she is out of town, and unable to get my writing back to me in a day so...please know that all grammar errors, usage of the wrong word, or misspellings are completely my own.

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