Friday, May 7, 2010

Lilac Drunk

A gift, two sweet bunches
I placed them in our bedroom.
Laying in bed, I felt intoxicated
The room inside so full of a warm spring day.

White lilacs in a crystal glass – light up the darkness
I had just talked with you,
When I felt my body shiver and stiffen sweetly
As you climbed into bed.

I found that sleep would not come,
I lay there watching you sleep,
The tears falling for all that we have
All that is not there.

And you, could you smell them
Clear across town?
Did you sleep, or were you
Watching me sleep, in your dreams?

The tears fall like rain,
I wonder what might be growing
All these years we have between us.
Perhaps my love it was a moment
Shared by the White lilacs sitting by our bed.

Intoxicating, intoxicated, I lay drunk
On the scent of Love,
Lived, held so fragile in a Breathe of lilacs.

I am grateful to Micaela for the gift of the lilacs.

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