Monday, September 20, 2010

Who is that Critic Anyway?

Some days…. I find that I am my worst critic, that no one judges me more harshly then myself. I am almost 99% sure that this is true for all of us. If you could have heard me, this AM as I was laying in bed ~ about the things that didn’t get done. Oh, goodness, you might have walked out the door; if I’d been talking to you. Most likely never to return.

I had to stop the cycle, the running of the tape in my head. BREATHE; inhale now exhale; a saving Grace. Breath, it invites us to S T O P ~ for a moment, it’s an opportunity to move, re-direct, think anew. Wait – the list of what did get done, well, let me tell you it was no small potatoes.

Today I would like to invite us each to count the items in our day that do happen, the smile on our face as we walk down the street, a shared moment with a friend or our-self, how about the things our body does for us without having to ask –“ hey, how do I get your heart to beat”? We make lists of all that needs to be done, then forget all the everyday things we do, the BE-ing. Being right here, breathing, right now. This moment ~ not getting ready for the one to come ~ this one right now.

My wish for each of us – is a gentler, kinder inner critic, one who knows the importance of BE-ing, not so much DO-ing.

When you catch yourself beating up on you, and you will ~ invite yourself to step away, take a breath, deep inhale, deep falling out breath, shake your body, sink into your feet. Start anew in the new space you created.

Be well. I love YOU.

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