Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day after...

Can I state that I love Valentine’s Day. At this moment in time, I am blessed that I live in a city that has a “bandit”, that covers the city with red paper hearts. It brings me an incredible amount of Joy. [I suppose I could confess to liking almost all holidays ~ one which we go about letting those we know and love that very fact.] I like that! Friends, and lovers unite!

Valentine’s Day for those of us who are single can be brutal. It doesn’t matter that we believe in ourselves. Think that we are worthy of a relationship, or have made a choice to be single. It can still create a difficult day~ when all around us, the talk, the adds; everything is about being a couple.

I would invite us to take note that this happens just before spring, as the animal world is preparing itself for the mating season. [Oh, did I mention that we are part of that genes.] It is also a diversion in the Northern climes from the cold weather that we experience in February; when we have the coldest temperatures. Snuggle close my dear ~ I’ll keep you warm. I understand that biologically we are programmed in a way toward coupling and pro-creation. It is the way of nature. The strongest, brightest make the cut, are more likely to have off spring that fall into the same “fittest” group.

I am also very happy and elated for folks that are happy in their coupling relationships. Their happiness at being a couple does not diminish the fact that I am at the moment single. I in truth am happiness extraordinaire for my friends, that have a life partner to share their daily amazing life. Perhaps, some day in the not to distant future, this too could be me.

Yet, meanwhile; now today that the hub-bub has stilled itself in the weekend long coupling thing. I would like to ask that next year, we are a bit kinder to our single friends, remember them in the same silly way of cards and or a treat. I know that, though I do indeed love myself, heck I even like who I am becoming each day. It did make the day sweeter to have breakfast with a friend, having the opportunity to dress up and then make deliveries to my close at hand young at heart friends. I suppose I am basically asking that we touch base with a single friend. Let them know they matter.

Let your love pour out to all…a smile and a Happy Valentine’s Day to a stranger ~might make their day!

Blessings and Love each and every day.

photo taken on Valentine's Day 2010 Can you sit with Your Love?

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