Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Sing to You Each Year ~ Happy Birthday

Today is your Birthday,
Do you know this as the Day?
Today it isn’t snowing
I’m no longer 17,
And You ~ you are older then that now.

You don’t know me,
Only we do.
There is a Resonance deep inside,
I know you and you know me.
I think of you often,
Wondering about your Life.

My wish for you, each day
Has been in your Highest Becoming.
Happy Birthday, may you hear this
Whispered on the Wind.
Knowing it is me ~
Yes, I sing to You each year~
Happy Birthday!

photo of the full moon November 21, 2010 Portland, ME
by Candace Pilk Karu


  1. Rosemary... Wow! Touched something special in me..
    Wow! Have a wonderous day, afterall, every day IS someones birthday! <3

  2. Eva,
    Thank you! Hope your day was amazing!