Monday, February 2, 2009

Waking in the Night ~ Scared or Sacred?

I know that I’m not the only person in the world that wakes in the middle of the night from a dream. Sometimes my heart, a deep pounding in my chest ~ scared to the point of checking the house. Other times I can’t put my finger on what causes me to sit up – take that deep body Breath that invites me to roll over - knowing that all is right with the world, at the very least my world.

For some “unknown” reason, I noticed the other day the words scared and Sacred have two letters that transposed create each other. It got me to sitting with how is it that we have been taught to be frightened by that which is Sacred? Visions or dreams from the Great Spirits? When did the story of the Great Creator turn toward an unforgiving Creator? What story is it that we wish to create for ourselves or to believe for there are many stories that have been told over the ages, by a vast number of Cultures. How are then any less real then the life we believe we are living?

I also found that there were moments of that waking in the night in a state of being scared that it invited me to an opportunity to converse with that which is Sacred. I would like to invite my readers to that same process. Of turning toward the Sacred when they find themselves in the realm of Scared. I invite us to this place not only in the middle of the night ~ in our waking day as well.
Might I say to you also that each Breath we take is a gift ~ it is indeed Sacred ~ it is Life, it is the name of the Divine in a whisper, form “my lips to God’s ears”. I am still breathing into life into the Sacred and I need not fear, for “that which moves all that which moves” walks the road with me.

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